A global pandemic really forces people to think differently about public space doesn’t it? Suddenly all that space given over to cars, instead of people and nature, really seems unnecessary. We’ve all recognised we need more open spaces where it is safe to meet together and enjoy the outdoors.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones thinking about this. People at Belfast City Council are too. And they asked us to help them to help local people plan creative ways to connect with each other safely and responsibly outdoors. Together we’ve developed a simple toolkit that lays out all the things you’d have to think about and do if you’re going to plan a community activity in a public space.

We hope the toolkit encourages lots more fun creative activity in our local neighbourhoods. Let’s face it, it’s really important to stay connected to our neighbours at the moment and support each other in whatever we can. It might start with something really simple, like making sure your kids can play safely in the street for an afternoon. But once you get started, who knows what might happen?

If you think we could help you by adding a bit of creative imagining to the process, we’d love to hear from you.

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