Our approach builds upon the principles of Museum Lates, a globally established concept that has yet to generate traction in Ireland, North or South.

Museum Lates demonstrate that events-based programming is one of the most effective ways to  attract audiences virtually absent from most museums (particularly adults without children aged between 18 and 40). Museum Lates make cultural venues more accessible and develop a strong sense of community ownership. Lates programmes also create a more balanced and diverse night-time leisure environment.  And Lates make a significant contribution to the local economy; the UK Lates events market is estimated to be worth £9.6million annually, with the potential to grow by 80% over a five-year period.

For us, Lates programmes are not just about booking a DJ, setting up a bar and opening the doors. Successful and sustainable Lates programmes are bold, provocative and innovative. They transform museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites into spaces of sociability where everyone feels welcome. They create high-quality experiences that demonstrate the relevance and value of culture, arts and heritage.

At its core, this is about place making. It is about creative approaches to creating cultural spaces where people want to gather, build connection with others, learn, debate and be challenged to think differently. By opening your doors, both physically and imaginatively, your place will revitalize your local area, strengthening community and contributing to wellbeing. You will place culture, arts and heritage at the heart of your community and build a resilient organization. You will become central to your social and economic ecosystem, a vital and influential part of building a vibrant, sustainable future.

When you are struggling day-to-day with the burdens of operational and budgetary challenges, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture. We will inspire you to imagine new possibilities; we will bring creativity and fun back into your everyday work. We will work with you to curate distinctive experiences based on the unique identity and character of your place. As community-driven practitioners we are not led by chasing income, positive press and corporate objectives – though you will achieve all those things too. This is about setting a new agenda, revealing the true potential of our cultural spaces as vibrant focal points of our society.