The term ‘brainstorming’ is no longer acceptable. I don’t mind. Most of what I have witnessed deemed so has been often neither particularly brainy, nor stormy. A light cerebral breeze at best.

At Daisy Chain we have our own phrase. A Daisy Chain Reaction (DCR™), simultaneously referencing an often explosive series of chemical events and the Diana Ross classic.

When a client comes to us with a conundrum, a problem or a possible project that needs a little something… what we offer, as a first step is a DCR. A reaction to your brief. Adam has described this as “a cheap first date”.

There is then a meeting of the Daisy Chain brilliant minds. We bounce around ideas playfully. We flip and twist multiple overlapping ideas. Interrogate them like Paxman. Dissect them like Dexter. There is a joyous ebb and flow to this process, alternatively diverging and converging. Sometimes it’s like watching 4-dimensional tennis.


Opening up to possibilities…

Honing and shaping

Being frivolous

Asking hard questions

before finally distilling everything down to a single page.


What our clients get are five or six of our best proposals, in reaction to their brief. This then forms the beginning of the process to deliver the projects. Daisy Chain have the ideas, and back this up with the skills, experience and networks to make the concepts into realities. A DCR™ is a way for Clients to test the water, to suss us out, to examine potential before committing to the big scheme.

A DCR™ is just the start.

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We talk about love, love, love
We talk about love
We talk about love, love, love
We talk about love
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